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over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, february 6th, i'm alisyn camerota. after 13 days of protests in egypt. key members of the em battled ruling party are stepping down, including president mubarak's son. now, vice-president suleiman is getting tossed with the muslim brotherhood, all of this from cairo with the latest. >> and sarah palin bashing president obama on his handling of the egypt crisis, why she says the crucial 3 a.m. call went right to voice
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mail. >> and we're getting ready for football. more importantly, the commercials. >> oh, check this out. >> ♪ >> don't hurt my dog! >> we'll show you the other incredible ads that get people talking. >> "fox & friends" starts right now on this sunday morning. ♪ >> hi everybody, good morning, thanks for joining us this morning. peter johnson, jr. in for clayton. >> happy sunday to you. >> happy centennial celebration to ronald reagan, this'll celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday, the jonas brothers concert was yesterday. but we're talking super bowl
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all morning long and brian kilmeade bringing you guests from brooklyn dekker, the supermodel and it's cold, 5 a.m. and very cold. rick reichmuth will tell us how cold, i'm sure in the 30's for the super bowl and not what the fans had in mind. >> and something tells me that you have carved out a man cave-in your home. do you have one? >> i have a little bit after man cave, but wife says the whole house cannot your man cave. >> men kind of do that, there's a little man cave or mancuary as i like to say. >> today we have a gargantuan man cave out on the plaza, you can't have a man cave without the chicken wings, we have huge lounge chairs, the barka loungers. >> sure. >> and you guys can just-- >> a truman cave has food from
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last week in it so this is actually frern food man cave. >> not authentic, but we will a be enjoying it out there. let's get you breaking news. the latest from egypt. protests are gathering in the streets for the 13th day, this comes after hosni mubarak's ruling party resigned including mubarak's son. mubarak himself still refuses to step down and. meetings with talks with the vice-president did not result in break throughs. and they warned that a quick ousting of mubarak could lead to more chaos. >> meanwhile shall the muslim brotherhood, the group we've heard so much about the largest opposition group in egypt is reportedly having talks with the government for would-be roles in a transitional government. that frightens people around
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the world, including here in the the united states. it's transitioning of power to a democratic system. if we find something in the situation isn't good we reconsider and withdraw. the muslim brotherhood reportedly meeting with omar suleiman, the vice-president in egypt and that's scary, some say radical islamic group once said sharreya law around the world. >> and what's happening today would be previously unthinkable because the muslim brotherhood has been banned, and suleiman was an opponent frpt and he's a sworn enemy of the muslim brotherhood. the idea that the short 13 days they have the ear of the man who is the transition leader is incredible. >> and spremmist organization
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and reportedly had ties to the assassination of anwar sadat and as you've pointed out they've been outlawed and better relationship-- and some say based on the better relationship may play a role on the government going forward. and the question is, based on the muslim brotherhood is it going to be a true democracy or islamic theocratic government like in iran. >> to be clear they have an estimated 30% of the vote there in egypt he so it's difficult to entirely silence that group. they did say they did not intend to run anyone for president and we are quote, standing for a real democracy. this is a muslim brotherhood leader to the new york times, that they want a real democracy. are those intentions genuine?
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we can only hope. >> the epicenter of the protests and our fox news crew got an inside look at what life is like there since the violent clashes on wednesday and live in cairo with more on what you found. tell us what you found, leland. >> good morning from the banks of the nile. it's an incredible experience to be there in tahrir square and walked in, the day of the martyrs, tanks, soldiers, we got patted down by soldiers and making sure we didn't have any weapons and patted down by the protesters, who have formed a militia of their own and protect each other and rows and rows of the rocks that they've lined up and ready to throw at the any of the pro mew bausching thugs if they try to come back. a scary experience to get in. once you're inside it's almost like a carnival atmosphere or something like that, kind ever like a street party. a lot of people walking around, excited, smiles,
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everyone was waiting flashing the peace sign, waving flags. one thing they made extraordinarily clear, they were going to live in the square, we saw tents and people ready to hunker down as long as it was talk to get president mubarak out of office and they said we don't care how long it takes, we will live here until then. the other thing they want to make sure once he he leaves they actually enjoy the freedom they fought so hard to have and as we said it's a day of martyrs. you can actually hear from the brother of a man who was killed in tahrir square and why he says he he and his family come back to the square and continue to fight for the cause despite all of their sacrifices. >> interesting, a lot of journalists have been leaving egypt. we, needless to say, leland is safe, but brian williams and katie couric have left the country after repeated threats
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on their life, so the security situation for all of our journalists out there. >> what's happening out in santa barbara, california. a centennial celebration of president reagan's birth. >> and sarah palin on egypt. >> this is the 3 a.m. phone call and trying it get that information from our leader in the white house, it seems the call went right to the answering machine and nobody has explained to the american public what they know and surely they know more than the rest of us, know who it is and who will be taking the place of mubarak. so, ali she was referring of course to the critical condition of now president obama back in the democratic primaries and hillary clinton was talking about taking the 3 a.m. phone call and sarah palin is saying the president
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missed his first foreign cries cities and the call to the answering machine. >> and there hasn't been a lot of criticism from president obama's handling of this so far. see went on to say he failed to explain to the american people what the obama administration knows about what's going on. it's a difficult line for the president to walk. mubarak, a friend of the united states, to support the citizens. we'll debate how he's handled it in the next 15 minutes here, but it's interesting because the man the president appointed to handle the situation and go to egypt, he supported president mubarak very strongly yesterday. >> frank wizner. >> and hillary clinton is now walking that back and now mixed messages. >> it's complicated and obviously there was no meeting where everybody sat down and said this is going to be our message because the administration almost seemed surprised when frank wizner said we need to support him he
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needs to say and they had to come out and walk him back. >> how did they not -- he sent this man over there to negotiate for us, there had to be-- >> and sarah palin is following up on the story in the new york times yesterday where president obama was allegedly angry at the intelligence community in the united states for not providing him enough information sufficiently. in terms of what she's saying, follows on the story in the times yesterday. lets he' get to the rest of your headlines. an iranian court has begun closed door proceedings, on the espionage trial of the three american hikers retained in july of 2009 after they allegedly were crossed into the country. shourd was released, but the two other two unclear if
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they're in court. >> a search for a missing 18 month old boy. he was last seen friday inside his home and the officials went door-to-door throughout the neighborhood before scouring the nearby woods. so far, no sign of the toddler. today would have been president ronald reagan's 100th birthday. nancy reagan will pay her respects and set to lay a wreath at the official grave site at the museum in california. last night, dick cheney commemorated the 40th president and delivered the keynote speech at reagan 100 banquet in santa barbara. >> but the old s man ever elected president was also the most ideaistic and brought that out in the american people. >> that was sponsored by the conservative young american foundation. those are your headlines. >> and rick has a check of our
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weather and i assume still freezing in the big d. >> the first time above freezing, and today it's not going to warm up that much. a little bit of precipitation, rain, freezing rain and kickoff time, 40 degrees, cloudy conditions and still maybe a little bit of rain and a snow flurry or two, but nothing that's going to cause problems on the roads and to or from the game. that's good news. all right. we also have winter storm watches across texas from the same storm. snow to west texas and amarillo and rain across the eastern side, but the colder air will sweep back in and cause problems for parts of west texas. a few storms across the great lakes. one to chicago and that brought more heavy snow, things like detroit and upstate new york and new england and that's dawn.
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the tail end of that, it's not going to develop toward miami so miami trments looking pretty good. here are the high temperatures, everybody looking pretty good and the cold air settled across parts of the south and by tomorrow, much colder air moves in and temps into the teens and colder by tuesday. >> that's not good news, thanks. >> members of the obama administration on different stages when it comes to egypt's leadership. is the flip-flopping creating chaos? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. >> then, calling for the police for marijuana advice? probably not your best idea. >> i was just growing some marijuana and i was just wondering what, how much you know, trouble you can get into for one plant? >> come on! come on! you're going to find out if he ever learned the answer to that burning question! >> that can't be real. it's super bowl sunday as you all know, we have an all-star
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>> a live look right now at cairo where you can see the massive crowd is not dying down as the protests continue. many are turning to washington now to see what president obama will do next. republican congress, thaddeus mccotter of michigan says, quote, ignoring the lessons of iran and the obama administration created chaos and a power vacuum one that the muslim brotherhood is undoubtedly plotting to fill. so, is the president adding to
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the chaos? here with a fair and balanced debate, maria and robert, a former bush and cheney campaign advisor. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> robert, is that a fair assessment that he's creating chaos with the way he's handled ooh gipt -- egypt so far? >> this is so fluid that the ground is shifting literally every single day, that the president is responding to a very fluid situation, now, let's also be honest. i mean, the president probably did not handle this probably the best way, armchair quarterbacking, now that we can take a look at this a couple of days after the fact, but to his credit this is something that frankly no one predicted that would happen now, but everyone predicted would happen at some point given the fact that hosni mubarak has been in power for 30 years and in the process oppressed the people for the last 30 years, so, you have to give the president credit. this is a fluid situation and he's doing the best he can.
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>> i think he's actually consistent on the handling of egypt, a very difficult situation. >> he's got frank wisner the man appointed to handle the situation, and essentially president mubarak's decision is critical and write his own legacy. what? >> and then you've got hillary clinton trying to walk that back in germany and that's anything, but a consistent message. >> that one comment was a problem clearly, and the administration and when he said those comments publicly he was not speaking for the administration. and a private message to mubarak. once he did not he was not speaking for the administration any longer. i think what he we need to underscore here is given the difficulty of the situation and they have bb careful and calibrated in what they say. consistent in communicating three things. the first one is that the
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protests need to continue peacefully. when violence arose the past week, they were very, very strong in their combination of that violence. number two, is that mubarak and the government have got to-- have got to realize and speak to the grievances, the le he get mat grievances of the egyptian people and number three to transform and have that process happen, that orderly transition needs to happen now, so that they can go to democracy. those thing have been clear from the beginning and they need to consistency. >> can i say something real fast? >> go ahead. >> what is inconsistent how the president and his team back in 2008 made fun of the bush freedom agenda which would call for diplomacy and democracy throughout the middle east, they said that was naive and something that could not be done and it's ironic now, fast forward to 2011 where the president is basically saying what president bush said three or four years ago. >> all right. robert and maria, stick right there. we have more when we come
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back, as the left love fest, and ronald reagan, and should president obama act more like the gipper. we will he' have that and lindsay lohan not just battling rumors, the jewelry, the charles she now faces. ♪ and now the purple dusk of twilight time ♪ ♪ steals across the meadows of my heart ♪ "once upon a time there were three bears "who lived together in a house of their own in a wood... and little goldilocks sat in the chair..." [ male announcer ] in the network, no matter where you are, you are never far. at&t. rethink possible.
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>> 24 minutes after the hour and time for the quick headlines and the nasdaq now confirmed that hackers busted into the computer system multiple times over the course of a year and got into a program that handles communication between companies and their board. the trading platform was not compromised and looks like no customer information was taken. well, a trip the former president george w. bush was supposed to make to
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switzerland now canceled amid threats of violence and president bush was scheduled to speak at an israeli charity dinner in geneva, reportedly fueled by accusations that he violated the rights of terror suspects while in office. back to dave. >> thank you, ali, as we look back at the legacy of ronald reagan, what would have been his 100th birthday, both parties seem to be challenging his message. is that the route that president obama should take. we're signed by maria and robert. this is a bit confusing, he's clearly the hero of the right, you hear newt gingrich, sarah palin talk about him on a regular basis. and now he's embraced by the left. >> obama is approaching the job in a reaganesque fashion, is he? >> yes, i mean, look, president obama pretty much openly talked about this during a 2008 campaign. he said and i quote, reagan
6:26 am
was a tran formational figure and said that during the los angeles editorial board, that's true. ronald reagan was a transformational figure, you look how he had to studied optimism about the goodness of our country and character that he called uniquely american. you have to emulate. to a certain degree even president clinton emulated that throughout the '90s. it's no surprise that barack obama as some from the left was a transformational figure and thus in the process, president obama would like to go down in history as a transitional figure. you look at health care, some of the things he's trying to do throughout the country in terms of the policies he's trying to initiate. he's trying to be a transformational figure. >> and ronald reagan championed cutting taxes, deregulating, lowering regulations oil and does it drive you nuts the quoting the
6:27 am
president is doing and on the cover of the magazine superimposed with ronald reagan, does it drive the left nuts? >> no, the way you need to look at this, president obama is a student of history as a good president should be and leader should be and he was reading one of reagan's books, biographies of reagan over the christmas holidays and the white house kept that no he secret. but he is not ronald reagan, he understands that, the left understands that. he is somebody that sticks very, very close to core democratic principles. he is a consummate communicator, which is very reaganesq reaganesque, but does it in his own way, he's a gifted communicator and everybody says that and brings everybody together which is something that reagan did. here is what's interesting to me. the right continues to talk about reagan in this myth-like way where a lot of historians spoke from the left and right
6:28 am
and would say today, president reagan would not even recognize the republican party and that today, president reagan would not even be able to be nominated in a republican primary. so that tells you that the party has really gone to the right. >> let's ask you a question. >> from even the party that reagan left. >> robert, would he survive a primary today? >> of course he would. all parties change and evolve. if fdr was running as a democrat quote, unquote radical identifies in the 1930's and 40's, he probably wouldn't be able to win a primary. if you look the at the policies today and compare to a dennis kucinich most would say there's no way he could win the nomination in 2008. let's call an apple what it is, an apple. but let's go back to the original question about ronald reagan and barack obama. just like ronald reagan he compromised on health care and ronald reagan on social security.
6:29 am
>> thank you so much. we can debate reagan for four hours. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> what's coming up? >> calling the police for marijuana advice? probably not the best idea. >> i was just growing some marijuana and wondering what, how much trouble you can get into for one plant. >> find out if he ever learned the answer to that burning question. >> see, that guy would need a man cave. i predict that guy would like very much our man cave. >> a man cave, sanctuary. >> and the cases you know and just about the commercials of course as it is about the game and i can tell you that. we'll show you the ads that are already getting the big buzz. >> do you have any wings there. >> a burger and a wing. >> thank you. tasty! i'd like a man cave, to

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